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SNL Change Bank #2

The answer? Volume.

Fart Ringtone Commercial

The fart ring tone would be a great way to play a prank on a friend.

World's Most Dangerous Comic

Comic Mike Fey a surprisingly dangers juggling trick involving a bowling ball, fire, knives, and a questionably real scorpion.

Snakes Game Played With Building Lights

Some people rigged up the lights in a building to simulate a demo of the snakes computer game.

Incredible Foot Guitarist

Shot in Balboa Park, San Diego in the Summer of 2003. Mark Goffeney has no arms and has learned to play the guitar using only his feet. Amazing.

Will Arnett's Sex Tape

"It's got enough space to perform an abortion"

I'm F*cking Obama

He's got a spouse too!

2011 Soda Free Summer Video Contest

Make an educational and inspiring video about having a soda free summer and enter our 2011 Soda Free Summer Video Contest. $1000 in prizes to award! Visit for campaign information. Visit starting June 21

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