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Plah Doh - Sony Bravia Commercial

Shot over the course of 3 weeks in NYC, some 40 animators worked to create this real stop motion commercial for Sony.

Basketball Player with 56 Inch Vertical Leap

Kadour Ziani is an Algerian Basketball player. He is 5'10" and has a 56 inch vertical leap. Incredible.

Tommy Lee Jones Japanese Commercial

This is one of many Tommy Lee Jones commercials in which he is supposed to be an alien... selling coffee.

Classic Movie Scene: Jeff Spicoli Meets Mr. Hand

A true hero, Mr. Spicoli. From the film "Fast Times at Ridgement High"

The Best of Unnecessary Censorship

The best of unnecessary censorship on Jimmy Kimmel.

Britney Spears Losing Her Hair Extension

Poor Britney loses her hair extension while she is performing Touch Of Your Hand

It's So Cold In The D

The New Hot Jam From The D..

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