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Takes a lot of chutzpah!

Awkward Interviews at the Lakers Championship Parade

"But when it comes down to it where are we gonna see when the champions come??"

Staring Contest by Magic Hugs


Gurl, That's a Bootyhole

Another lesson learned, THANKS MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!

A Party For Editing PARTY PHOTOS!!!

Notice how truly impressed they are by the "undo" tool... I wonder how this diverse group of friends know each other...

Nerdiest Song Ever - "Minivan Highway"

You think these guys are weird? Just imagine what the guys who edited this are like...

"Best Worst Movie" Trailer

A documentary about the classic film "Troll 2," a cult classic considered by some to be the "Best Worst Movie." Watch this documentary and watch TROLL 2!

Awesome Old Commercial - Moo and Oink

Nothing makes me want meat more than people dancing in a pig and cow costume... For some reason, this makes me proud to be from Chicago.

Foxes Discover Trampoline

"Holy cow... you gotta try this... SERIOUSLY... you gotta try it!"

Another Sexist Old Commercial

Another misogynistic commercial this time for coffee. You KNOW this marriage didn't work out with her calling him "sir" all day long.

REALLY Sexist Tire Commercial

*smacks forehead* are you SERIOUS?

Not-So-P.C. Commercial From 1965

I have a feeling this wasn't the first time he's gotten this upset... Also note how vague the description of the medicine is "pain relief, extra relief power plus the power of an 'extra ingredient'."

Yo-Yo Mah SHREDS at the Inauguration. (Hilarious Overdub)

An allstar group jam on an American classic. Look at how angry Biden was.

Cat Vs. A Mirror

Poor kitty...

If Eric Clapton Was Bad At Guitar...


Great New Commercial Jingle-Mr. Spriggs BBQ

...meat falls of the bone... this is NOT product placement.

Crazy Japanese Music Video (features dancing cats)

Gotta love Japan. They've really got it covered in this video; food, dancing cats, shadow-people, and heavily produced pop music!

Hey Girl Hey! (The History of Keasha on A Shot At Love)

Be a part of the fantastic intellectual new catch phrase SWEEPING the country! "Hey girl hey!"

Jim Gaffigan Saturn Commercial Outtakes

"Know what this is filled with? Urine"

Chinese Tree Catching!

"And a fabulous catch by number 43." (This is from an older ESPN commercial)

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