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Hamster Mug Shot

Welp, this is not Rodney Stanger, obviously!

Banned Durex Commercial

Who knew balloon animals could be so inappropriate?

Lady Is Scared to Death of Clowns

His name is Mr. Giggles. WHAT?

Giants Fan in Shambles

A Giants fan lets out a SUPER BOWL sized fit after the Giants lose.

Britney Spears- Circus Shower Dance

Thanks for the towel, mom!

Chubby cuppy cake boy

This is one of the most terrifying videos I have seen.

Slinky Cat

Batteries sold separately.

He Loves a Fat Girl

Musical performance from the AMAZING Queens, NY public access show, 'Goddesses'. There are few more words to explain this.

Bill Cosby on ESPN

Bill Cosby has had one too many jello pudding snacks.

McCain Obama Dance Off

My friends, it's ON.

Pageant Moms and Coercion

The scene at the end really makes this video shine.

John McPenguin


Baby Wee Wee Doll

What in the world were they thinking.

Banana Bunker

So much innuendo in this video, it's tough to stomach.

Josh Groban: 60th Annual Emmy Awards

Josh sings bits and pieces of memorable TV themes.

Love 'n Licks Puppy

How wet will you get?

Singer Falls off Stage

It really looked like he had created a new dance for a few seconds, before he ate floor.

Weng Weng Rap

Weng Weng is a crime fighting movie star in the Philippines, known as Agent 00. He is 2ft9in, and a baller.

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