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Jay Thomas "Lone Ranger" Story

Who else would have taken him to the Red Carpet Inn?

Mating Call Champion

Oh my geez!

Evil Mr. Rogers

Won't you be my death clown.

Best Gameshow Contestant Of All Time

She's Acute not Obtuse!

Jim Brewer on Stomachs and Alcohol

A classic Jim Brewer bit about how alcohols mix in your stomach.

Sinus Buster Pepper Nasal Spray

Story of an entrepreneur who took $350 and turned it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Incredible Foot Guitarist

Shot in Balboa Park, San Diego in the Summer of 2003. Mark Goffeney has no arms and has learned to play the guitar using only his feet. Amazing.

World's Most Dangerous Comic

Comic Mike Fey a surprisingly dangers juggling trick involving a bowling ball, fire, knives, and a questionably real scorpion.

Amazing Accidents Montage

A montage of a whole bunch of pictures of accidents. Set to Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself.

Worst Woman Driver Ever

A woman tries to drive a car into a parking lot, and fails.

DEA Agent Shoots Himself In Foot

Classic video of a DEA agent giving a talk to school children about the dangers of guns. Right after saying that only he has enough experience to handle one, he shoots himself in the foot with a Glock.

Creepy Michael Jackson Transformation

Some say he may have taken a turn for the worst.

Rain Creates Catastrophic Overflow In Sewer System

I cannot imagine that anything like this will happen again. When it comes back for round two, I can only imagine the look on that guys face.

Stone Skipping Record 34 Skips

Kurt Steiner sets the stone skipping record with 34 skips. Pretty impressive.

Celebrities Without Makeup

How do celebrities look without photoshop and makeup? Watch a side-by-side comparison.

For The Birds by Pixar

A neat little computer animated film by Pixar. Kind of old, but first time posted here.

Art of Shadow Oscars 2007

Amazing shadow show performed at the 2007 Oscars, called Art of Shadows.

Amazing Gmail Art

A video by Saatchi Moscow created to attract more people in Russia to GMail. Incredible talent.

Ashley Simpson Show Parody

I'm notttt like myyy sissterrrr! MadTV Parody of the Ashlee Simpson show.

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