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Big Brawn

It's like a big, friendly lumberjack between your knees! HAR. HAR. HAR.

SNL Cracklin' Oat Flakes

Start off your day with the right vitamins!

SNL Gap Girls Clip

Although it's only a short clip, it does capture the BEST 24 seconds of the skit.

SNL Sally O'Malley

My name is Sally O'Malley. I'm pleased to say I'm 50 years old... Molly Shannon at her best.

SNL Laser Cats 2!

This is so great. Check out how they decorated the office space of the SNL studios. The backdrop of the skit is equally as amusing.

SNL Close Talkers

A little too close?

SNL Young Chuck Norris

For all you Chuck Norris fans. A musical sing-a-long.

SNL Fast Food Pep Talk

I swear to God. Five seconds, I'm over this chair, I'm in your face, and I'm kicking you in the chest. It's going to happen. Keep watching, it gets better.

SNL MySpace Learning Annex

A little long, but check out what all the hullabaloo is about...might shed some light for those that tend to fall into the generational gap.

SNL Business Meeting with Dwight from The Office

Water guy? I don't work here.

Ninja Face Plant

At least he still tries to complete his routine.

Ice Skater Faceplant

You know, we may have felt bad for them if the Jitterbug wasn't playing.

Children Faceplant Compilation

Entertaining? Yes. Evil? Maybe.

Stripper Faceplant

Natural selection at its best.

Tyra Banks on How to Pee

It all makes sense now! Just squat, pull forward, and PEE!

Tyra Banks Falls Over

That porcupine sure was scary.

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