Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses

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Hotel Glasses Video Gains Global Attention

This video has received over 2.5 million views on from 165 countries around the globe since it was put up on 11/23/2007. Most people have been shocked by the video because it hits close to home for just about anyone who has ever stayed at a hotel in the past.

Please view the follow up video where the same news team investigates the conditions at 4-star hotels like the Ritz and Renaissance. The results are equally, if not more shocking.

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Update 1/1/08: Please also check the hidden hotel dangers video which issues caution about bed bugs at hotels.
Update 1/4/08: We have created a hotel dangers video tag. You can subscribe to it to receive the latest updates on hotel safety and cleanliness issues.
Update 1/10/08: We have found part one of the shocking 4-star hotel investgation video on LiveLeak. Please watch this additional hotel dirty secrets video to get up to speed on the issue.
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  • Added: 11/23/2007
  • Poster: Matt
  • Tags: Daily Pick, Hotel Dangers
  • Description: An undercover investigation reveals what really happens with hotel glasses. Think the Ritz is any better? Look at related links below to see the follow up investigation at 4-star hotels.

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