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Videos about the problems in hotel safety and cleanliness.

Dirty Hotel Secrets Part 1

The same news team brings more information to light about the dirty hotel glasses controversy.

Dirty Hotel Bed Sheets Exposed

Keep a portable black light with you and reveal whether your hotel is giving you dirty sheets. See related links below to buy a cheap portable black light.

Hotel Door Safety Latch Not That Safe

The safety latch on your hotel door can be easily opened with a crudely fashioned metal tool.

Hidden Hotel Room Dangers

Bedbugs and other dangers may lurk in your hotel room. Here are some tips to stay clean. See related links for other hotel videos.

Dirty Hotel Secrets Follow Up

A follow up to the original dirty hotel secrets video regarding hotel glasses. This time they go to 4-star hotels, and the results are shocking.

Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses

An undercover investigation reveals what really happens with hotel glasses. Think the Ritz is any better? Look at related links below to see the follow up investigation at 4-star hotels.

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